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Business Plan Guidebook

Business Plan Guidebook

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Are you wondering how to write a business plan for your specific use-case?

For any entrepreneur that would like to receive external funding, a business plan is a must have.

It is a critical document that potential investors will use to judge whether your business idea is a worthwhile investment.

But even if you're not currently looking for external funding, a business plan is a useful document to have. It will help you to:

a.) Clearly understand what your business is about; what products & services you are offering and for whom

b.) Come up with a financial & marketing plan to help you achieve your goals

c.) Organise your team so everyone knows and understands what their role is

This Guidebook is 20+ pages long and looks at the three different cases when having a business plan is important:

1. For internal use

2. To evaluate a business idea

3. To secure funding

It also includes a BONUS section with the common mistakes to be on the lookout for when coming up with your business plan.

*Due to the nature of this product, refunds will not be given.

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