Business Earnings Budget: A Done-For-You Template

Business Earnings Budget: A Done-For-You Template

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As a business owner, it important that your business is making money, but what's even more important is how you are spending that money.

Are there improvements that need to be made? New personnel you need to hire? An online course that you want to take?

This done-for-you template helps you organise the money you make (revenue minus your usual expenses) into 5 separate buckets for ease of planning.

The 5 buckets are:

1. Money that you set aside for a rainy day

2. Money that you reinvest back into the business

3. Money you spend on upgrades & other improvements

4. Money that you pay yourself as a business owner

5. Money that you put into a low-risk investment

Download this easy-to-use template to get your business money organised. See the attached video for how it works.

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